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From 03/13/2018 to 02/28/2019

The job of a guitar maker or constructor of instruments is beautiful: it takes time to gain the skill with the tool, to understand the wood, to carefully build and also to hear, that is, to achieve what the musician is looking for.

We are a family workshop that deeply respects professionals that are devoted to this wonderful job and that, with their good work, they can construct a fair competition that is able to encourage us all to evolve and adapt to new times.

Nevertheless, it is not the first time that a client comments us how bad he has been told about us by other trade colleague; they say we give bad services and a number of improprieties that are far from the fair competition we have been talking about. Luckily, many times these badly-informed clients could see for themselves that these accusations were not true, other times they have lost the opportunity to see it, because they didn’t dare to come. Recently a foreigner was about not to visit us out of fear, fortunately he did, he told us the story, he told us that our service had been exceptional and finally he discovered that we had more competitive prices than the ones he was given by the guitar maker that ensured the opposite (...)