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From 09/06/2017 to 09/30/2018

When my great granduncle Manuel Ramírez died, his officials, Modesto Borreguero, Santos Hernández and Domingo Esteso, continued for some years in his workshop with Manuel Ramírez’ widow.
As far as we know, Filomena Vera Cervelló, Manuel’s widow, was not a guitar maker. But Manuel’s workshop became her property; Filomena reopened it on 16th May 1918, two years after the death of her husband. As what she sold was the name of Manuel Ramírez, and her officials were not yet known since what they did was to reproduce the work of their master not having developed their own work yet, they reached an agreement with his widow of mutual interest, according to which in the label of their guitars should appear “Viuda de Manuel Ramírez”, and at the same time they would write their initials inside so they would obviously be acquiring individual recognition; even though, being in the Ramírez workshop, they still used his templates, designs, techniques and materials. It is easy to deduce that, being as they were excellent guitar constructors, no wonder they had had a great teacher, when they achieved recognition by themselves, not in the shadow of Manuel, the three of them set up on their own, and of course developed their own models and obtained well-deserved fame.

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