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From 03/30/2017 to 12/07/2017

Dear Amalia,

I cannot do other than conveying my deepest admiration.
During the three weeks I have been evaluating the Auditorio guitar you have left me as a deposit, and after more or less one hundred hours of use, I have gone through three stages:

First of all, I had the feeling I was riding a wild and powerful horse, unruly and elusive.

Secondly, I threw myself into prompting nuances and diverse tones, balance of low-high (this is essential) and nobility of expression. Perform in a high tune without stridencies and without this annoying and dull 'heavy' sound so common in other guitars. With a challenging stubbornness I was given bits.

And finally today, I've just realized I cannot get rid of it, due to its quick capacity to accommodate to my demands and the extraordinary and wide dynamic range it provides and that can enhance my expressiveness. It seems to be defiant, as if it were saying: ask for more things.
In short, I believe it is an extraordinary instrument.