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Popularly known as 1A; many people also refer to it as the Segovia model. Guitar created in the 1960s by José Ramírez III. This guitar was revolutionary regarding its construction method. It has a deep, powerful, and balanced sound and rich...

Basic construction of the Traditional guitar, with a 638mm scale length. Some guitar players require a shorter scale that our usual ones (664mm and 650mm), and, therefore, we are currently offering the 638 option. As the scale is shorter, the...

Traditional guitar, with the same sound features, in which I have applied construction techniques that have increased its power, amplitude and sustained notes. This is a guitar with a marked capability to adapt to the way the guitarist plays.

A limited design created to celebrate the 125 years of this firm. We only built 125 guitars with 125 ornamentations in marquetry, one for each guitar, placed at the back of the headstock. MINIMUM SUGGESTED PRICE: 18.748.76 € + (21% VAT in Spain)

With this guitar, we commemorated the first centenary of this Firm, founded in 1882. Only a small batch of these instruments was manufactured, using the most select types of wood for their beauty. MINIMUM SUGGESTED PRICE: 17.479,34 + (21% VAT in...

This model, of limited production, was conceived to satisfy the wishes of the many clients who want to have an instrument similar to Centenario. MINIMUM SUGGESTED PRICE: 12.129,75 € + (21% VAT in Spain)

Showing 1 - 6 of 21 items